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Dialectic Therapeutics’ mission is to create innovative new technologies to cure cancer. Our goal is to relieve the suffering of patients with cancer, to give them hope, and prolong their productive lives through targeted therapies with limited toxicities and complications.


Dialectic Therapeutics (DT) is a pre-clinical biotechnology company dedicated to the development of unique, impactful anti-cancer drugs that effectively treat patients with few to no other options. DT was founded by three respected cancer scientists and two successful biotech investors and operators. DT is located in Dallas, Texas and has research partners and facilities at UT Health at San Antonio and the University of Florida Health Cancer Center.

DT’S LEAD CANDIDATE, DT2216, is a novel Antiapoptotic Protein Targeted Degradation  (APTaD™) compound that selectively induces cancer cells to degrade B-cell lymphoma extra large, or BCL-XL, stimulating the cells to commit suicide, or become more susceptible to chemotherapy.  DT2216 is currently in the IND-enabling phase as a single agent and combination therapy in liquid and solid cancer tumors and expects to enter the clinic in 2021.


Pre-clinical studies show that DT2216 is highly effective in various liquid and solid tumors as a single agent and in combination with chemotherapy.  Further, these studies show cancer cells are less likely to develop resistance to DT2216 than to other chemotherapy drugs. DT2216 accomplishes this with very little toxicity, particularly to platelets.


As with BCL-XL, there are many other significant proteins associated with cancer that cannot be targeted with current therapies.  APTaD™ is a novel approach that can be applied to the broader BCL family and other protein targets.  DT’s efforts are focused on developing drug candidates to address this high unmet need.  If successful, we will be able to provide cancer patients who have little hope with increased disease-free survival.


The DT team is focused on creating innovative new technologies to address late-stage difficult cancer diagnoses. We are comprised of protein degradation experts and leadership with a strong track record of clinical development and commercial success.



Dialectic Therapeutics Receives $3 Million Seed Award for Product Development Research from the Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas–research-institute-of-texas-301011702.html

Nature Medicine

A selective BCL-XL PROTAC degrader achieves safe and potent antitumor activity
Khan, S. et al.


B-cell lymphoma extra large (BCL-XL) is a well-validated cancer target. However, the on-target and dose-limiting thrombocytopenia limits the use of BCL-XL inhibitors, such as ABT263, as safe and effective anticancer agents. To reduce the toxicity of ABT263, we converted it into DT2216, a BCL-XL proteolysis-targeting chimera (PROTAC), that targets BCL-XL to the Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) E3 ligase for degradation. We found that DT2216 was more potent against various BCL-XL-dependent leukemia and cancer cells but considerably less toxic to platelets than ABT263 in vitro because VHL is poorly expressed in platelets. In vivo, DT2216 effectively inhibits the growth of several xenograft tumors as a single agent or in combination with other chemotherapeutic agents, without causing appreciable thrombocytopenia. These findings demonstrate the potential to use PROTAC technology to reduce on-target drug toxicities and rescue the therapeutic potential of previously undruggable targets. Furthermore, DT2216 may be developed as a safe first-in-class anticancer agent targeting BCL-XL.

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